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About the Bucks County Tennis Association (BCTA), Inc.

The BCTA, incorporated on December 10, 2001, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit volunteer-based community tennis association (CTA) registered with the United States Tennis Association (USTA), the national governing body of tennis in the United States.

During its first few years, the BCTA received funding from the USTA to help promote and develop the sport of tennis via USA Tennis Pathway programs. Now the nonprofit association relies on programming fees, fund-raising, and donations to grow the game within the Bucks County.


The BCTA accomplishes its mission of growing the game by partnering with various area park and recreation departments as well as community entities to provide affordable tennis programs with an accent on fun and fitness. It also hosts USTA-sanction tournaments in order to provide quality competition close to home.

Growing the game
To grow the game...

While there are numerous tennis programs and facilities within Bucks County, many public-park courts remain under-utilized. It is BCTA's goal to fill these courts by offering tennis programs that enable youth and adults to quickly learn to play tennis in a low-cost, low-key environment that highlights the social and health benefits of playing this lifetime sport

The BCTA serves as a community tennis resource to its park and recreation partners, schools as well as tennis facilities throughout the county.  The nonprofit organization encourages residents to get in the game through tennis programs as a player and/or as a volunteer.

If you are interested in being a part of this great team effort, please contact the BCTA, which is always looking for fun people passionate about tennis!