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Weather Policy

 Weather cancellations and play make-up dates are at the
discretion of BCTA Coaches.  If a weather cancellation occurs on the
starting day of a program, a BCTA Coach or volunteer will contact
participants.  Once the program has begun, the BCTA Coach of that program
will provide participants with a communication policy for any future weather

The BCTA does its best to schedule one hour of weather-related make-up time
during each program season (typically during the week following the end of the program).

The BCTA and its coaches make every effort to provide all hours of programming advertised; however, there may be times when Mother Nature does not cooperate and participants are not able to get in all five weeks of the program.  In the event that participants are not
able to enjoy a minimum of three weeks of a five-week program, the BCTA does
offer credit for the number of weeks missed.


Refund/Household Credit/Pro-rating/Make-up Policies

Participants will receive a full refund ONLY IF a program is cancelled.   If a participant withdraws at least ONE WEEK BEFORE the start of a program, the BCTA will issue a refund, less a $10 administrative fee. 

The BCTA may, on a case-by-case basis, consider issuing a HOUSEHOLD CREDIT for extenuating circumstances (for example, an injury, confirmed by a doctor’s note, which forces the participant to miss three or more weeks of the season).  If a credit is approved, a $10 administrative fee will be withheld and any participation in the season deducted.  Credit issued will expire at the end of that calendar year.

Like other team sports, the BCTA cannot offer individual make-up sessions or permit make-ups at an alternate site or season. The BCTA will pro-rate a program ONLY IF an individual misses time due to BCTA scheduling changes or miscommunication.




Please contact the BCTA with any questions about these policies.