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BCTA County-Wide Play Day Unites Area Players

Red Ball division
Orange Ball division
Green Ball division
October 30, 2018 10:20 AM
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On October 28, the BCTA hosted a friendly co-ed competition for participants of BCTA’s Season 3 and 4 signature Learn, Practice & Play programs. Athletes competed in three divisions—Red Ball (10-and-under), Orange Ball (11–13), and Green Ball (teens/adults).


BCTA’s Laura Canfield noted, “Athletes were recommended by their coaches for this invitational event. The emphasis was on participation, fun and sportsmanship—the first introduction to competition for most players. At first, many of the athletes were uncertain about scoring and line calling, but by the end they were keeping their own scores and confidently making line calls.”


In the Red and Orange Ball division, athletes were divided into two teams and played both singles and doubles. The Upper/Central Bucks teams in both divisions included athletes from Doylestown, Perkasie, Newtown, Warrington, and New Hope, while the Lower/Southern Bucks teams in both divisions included Langhorne, Levittown, Yardley, Bristol and Bensalem. Players in the Green Ball division competed in a round-robin singles event. Teams and athletes were awarded the coveted BCTA Gold, Silver and/or Bronze bag-tags as well as MVP honors to the athletes who scored the highest number of points for their respective team.


In the Red Ball division, the Upper/Central Bucks Blue Eagles narrowly edged out the Lower/Southern Bucks Red Racqueteers by a score of 259 – 240.


The Orange Ball division, an even more closely contested competition, created a lot of excitement as just one point separated the two teams—the Upper/Central Bucks Icy Spiders and the Lower/Southern Bucks Lightning Bolts—midway through play. Regular play ended in a tie,

59–59, which was a first in the history of team tennis challenges. This opened up the opportunity for an exciting “Team Singles” tie-breaker during which players on each team took a turn to keep a ball in continuous play. If the ball was missed, the player left the game while teammates carried on…until there was one. Central Bucks teammate Gwyneth Fedus ended up being the “last player standing,” helping the Icy Spiders to earn the gold medal.


Athletes in the Green Ball division competed in a singles round-robin tournament. The players enjoyed meeting other tennis enthusiasts across the county as they tested their skills against others of similar skills.


Sportsmanship was strongly stressed with all matches beginning and ending with a handshake, and a sportsmanship award was given to one athlete on each team as well as an athlete in the Green Ball division. Canfield said, “The competition for the sportsmanship honors was very difficult as all of the players were just terrific!”


Congratulations to all the athletes who participated in this fun event.


Red Ball athletes: Mac Bruneti, Thomas Caputo, Christopher De Marino, Lily Esmay, Ryan Friemann, Dominic Gennetti, Bruce Marcucci, Anya Priyolka, Wayne Robotim, and Alexander Zebro

Upper/Central Bucks Blue EaglesMVP —Mac Bruneti; Sportsmanship—Dominic Gennetti

Lower/Southern Bucks Red Racquetters: MVP—Lily Esmay; Sportsmanship—Anya Priyolkar  


Orange Ball athletes: Charlie Batman, Keira Calista, Ryan Caputo, Sofia Carafa, Gwyneth Fedus, Alex Hoang, Julia Hobson, Lauren Mawson, Mathew Monical, Laasya Muppala, Braedon Owen, Sheridan Owen, Aiden Pustay, Ava Ren, Rylee Russell, Jack Sheridan, Ritvik Sindia, Jayden Williams

Upper/Central Bucks Icy Spiders: MVP – Jack Sheridan; Sportsmanship—Gwyneth Fedus

Lower/Southern Bucks Lightning Bolts: MVP –Aiden Putsay; Sportsmanship¬—Jayden Williams


Green Ball athletes: Ryan Baker, Adrienne Bolinder, Eric Lang, Mereck Epperson, Makenna Swasey, Michael Donohue

Gold Medal—Mereck Epperson; Silver Medal—Michael Donohue; Bronze Medal—Makenna Swasey; Sportsmanship—Adrienne Bolinder


A huge thank you to Bucks County Parks and Recreation for hosting the event at Core Creek Park, to the U.S. Tennis Association for the participant “giveaways”; to the BCTA volunteers and coaches: Tim Donney, Arden Williams, Jim Dalo, Laura Canfield, Barb Long; student helper Emily Johannan and the various parent volunteers.