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Hotly Contested Entry-Level Tennis Competition on a Blistering Evening

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July 29, 2019 02:25 PM
Aces from Central and Northern Bucks sites
Executioners from Southern Bucks sites
Fireblasters from Central and Northern Bucks sites
Sharks from Southern Bucks sites

On July 19, BCTA youth players from around the county competed against each other as well as Mother Nature as temperatures hovered in the 90s with a heat index raising the heat into the 100s. Despite the hot weather, competitors came to the mid-season BCTA Jr. Team Tennis Challenge, which was held on at Doylestown Township’s Central Park, with their game on. To help players stay as cool as possible, BCTA’s tennis give-aways included a neck cooler, and participants used spray water bottles to beat the heat in between their matches.


The Team Challenge is a USTA Pilot program designed as an introduction to competition for players ages 5–13.  Athletes were identified by their local community coach for this invitational and competed in the Red Ball division (ages 7–10) and the Orange Ball division (ages 11–13). The event focuses on entry-level team play and character development by offering a low-key competitive play experience that highlights teamwork and skill development in a fun social environment.


Two teams in each age division vied for gold and silver medals as well as team sportsmanship awards. Champions and runners-up were determined by total team scores, which were accumulated via round-robin doubles matches. BCTA coaches and volunteers were on hand to guide players and matches, and several parents helped with scorekeeping.


In the Little Aces Red Ball division, the Sharks edged out the Fireblasters 271–235, and in the Juniors Orange Ball division, the Executioners acted on their team name to execute their tennis skills and maintain a slight lead in the final round, winning the close contest, 136–123.


“The Team Challenge is a great way for players to build their confidence,” said BCTA Program Director Laura Canfield. “It’s also a great motivator to improve and a great way to make new friends as the participants hail from around the county.”


Congratulations to all the competitors and a BIG thank you to Doylestown Township Parks and recreation for permitting the use of Central Park Tennis Courts; BCTA coaches and volunteers Lori Benson, Valerie Benson, Laura Canfield, Marlene Gubler, Russ Lawrie, and Barb Long; BCTA youth volunteer Alex Miller; and parent volunteers Jennifer Calista, Pauline Friemann, Michelle Mawson, Dave Restaino, Savitha Sindia, and Sue Vallow.

Also, a special thanks to Annie’s Water Ice in Doylestown for inviting the athletes to bring their medals after the competition to receive a discounted treat! And, of course, thanks to all the parents, siblings, and fans who cheered on the players.




“Sharks” from Southern Bucks sites

Nikhisha Arjun, Alexa Chan Ava Chan, Mia Fedus, Lleyton Jones, Bruce Marcucci, Anya Priyolkar, Rogan Restaino, Logan Schutsky, David Soong


“Fireblasters” from Central/Northern Bucks sites

Grace Boyle, Keira Checks, Lily Esmay, Ryan Friemann, Ethan Gourley, Abe Iden, Hayden McElroy, Katelyn Pisch, Mia Schlack, Ava Theis





“Executioners” from Southern Bucks sites

Shiv Ghayl, Andrew Jeffers, Quinn Jones, Lauren Mawson, Ari Petrakopoulos, Melina Petrakopoulos, Rylee Russell, Jake Schutsky


“Aces” from Central/Northern Bucks sites

Keira Calista, Audrey Chan, Yannis Chios, Tristan Eisler, Mackenzie Riley, Connor Sims, Ritvik Sindia, Nathan Vallow