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Invitational Marks End of 2017 Outdoor Season

Red Ball Medalists: Sofia, Merreck, Jaxson and Arnav
October 29, 2017 11:26 AM
Photo 1--Red Ball Division
Photo 2--Orange Ball Division
Photo 3: Yellow Ball Division
Orange Ball Medalists: Neel (Silver) and Zach (Gold)
Red Ball Aces Medalists: Eric, Teertha and Alexandra

BCTA's 2017 outdoor "Tennis in the Parks" programs concluded with a special invitational tournament at Core Creek Park in Langhorne.  Athletes from throughout Bucks County who participated in BCTA's Season 3 and 4 outdoor programs were recommended by their BCTA coaches for this special invitational event. Competition was held in three divisions, Red Ball (36-foot courts), Orange Ball (60-foot courts) and Yellow Ball (78-foot courts).

Tournament Director and BCTA Coach Colleen Kimball said, "Many matches were very competitive and there were awesome displays of sportsmanship and motivation. All of these athletes should be very proud of being recommended by their coaches for this event."


Photo 1—Red Ball Division

Back row L-R:  BCTA Volunteer Emily Johannan, BCTA Tournament Director Colleen Kimball, Jaxson Kinsey (Bronze Medalists Stars Division-Bensalem)), Ben Gibson (Stockton, NJ), Merreck Epperson (Gold Medalist Stars Division – Newtown)), Sofia Krawczyk (Silver Medalist Stars Division – Bensalem), and Arnav Chandola (Bronze Medalist Stars Division – Newtown), BCTA Volunteer Charlie Haviken, BCTA Coach Arden Williams

Middle Row L-R: Katherine Bitting (Newoprtville), Eric Ye (Silver Medalist Aces Division – Newtown), Anika Shah (Warrington), Teertha Desai (Gold Medalist Aces division – Warrington), and Gwyneth Fedus (Morrisville)

Front row L-R: BCTA Volunteer Alex Johnson, Mia Fedus (Morrisville), Alexandra Bondra (Bronze Medalist Aces Division – Newtown), Vivian Timberg (Dolyestown), Wayne Robotin (Bristol), Garrett Nuzzolo (New Hope), BCTA Volunter Nate Silverman.

Missing from photo Sripathi Balaji (Bensalem)


Photo 2—Orange Ball Division

Back Row: Jeramy Strassler (Langhorne), Aiden Pustay (Fairless Hills), Anastasya Ruban (Langhorne), Michael Donohue (Yardley) and BCTA rep Laura Canfield

Front Row: Rylee Russell (Levittown), Nilesh Lakshmanan (Bronze Medalist – Langhorne), Neel Shirwalker (Silver Medalist – Langhorne) and Zachary Baxevanidis (Gold Medalist - Doylestown)


Photo 3—Yellow Ball Division

Back Row: Adrienne Bolinder (Bronze Medalist – New Hope), Janet Fiatoa (Silver Medalist - Levittown), John D’Auria (Gold Medalist - Newtown), Fran Koehler (Perkasie) and BCTA volunteer Shichen Nie,

Front Row: Lyndsay Thrasher (Collegville), Meg Hotham (Perkasie)and Joshua Smith (Newtown)


Congratulations to the  following medalists as well as all the competitors. 

Red Ball Stars Medalists: Merreck Epperson (Gold), Sofia Krawczyk (Silver),Jaxson Kinsey (Bronze), and Arnav Chandola (Bronze)

Red Ball Aces MedalistsTeertha Desai (Gold ), Eric Ye (Silver), and Alexandra Bondra (Bronze)

Orange Ball MedalistsZachary Baxevanidis (Gold), Neel Shirwalker (Silver), and Nilesh Lakshmanan (Bronze )

Yellow Ball Medalists: John D'Auria (Gold) Janet Fiatoa (Silver), and Adrienne Bolinder (Bronze)

The BCTA offers special thanks to Bucks County Parks and Recreation for hosting the event at the national award-winning Core Creek Park as well as BCTA Tournament Director Colleen Kimball, BCTA Head Coach Arden Williams, BCTA Program Director Laura Canfield, and members of the BCTA Volunteer Junior Leadership Development program—Alex Johnson, Nathan Silverman, Shichen Nie, Charlie Haviken and Emily Johannan—for serving as court monitors and offering other assistance.

Congratulations to all the competitors. 

BCTA continues offering affordable quality tennis programs indoors November – March and will return to the outdoor public parks in April 2018.  Full information at