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Season-Ending Play Day Gathers Players throughout Bucks County

Advanced Team Tournamen participants with Coach Jim Dalonter)
Teens/Adults Team Meet-Up Challenge with Coach Kaitlyn OConno (left) and Coach Valerie Benson (right)
Teens/Adults matchplay
November 1, 2019 08:27 AM
Red Bal _Fighting Caperpillers with Coach Lor _Benson (left) and Coach Tim Donney (right)
Red Ball Tennis Aces with Coach Felissa Dunn (left) and Coach Arden Williams (right)
Orange Ball Champions with Coach Arden Williams (left) and Coach Felissa Dunn (right)
Orange Ball Tennis Tigers with Coach Lori Benson (left) and Coach Tim Donney (right)
Orange Ball matchplay

The Team Challenge is a USTA Pilot program designed as an introduction to competition for players ages 5–13.  Athletes were identified by their local community coach for this invitational “All-Star” event and competed in the Red Ball division (ages 7–10) and the Orange Ball division (ages 11–13).  The event focuses on entry-level team play and character development by offering a low level competitive play experience that highlights teamwork and skill development in a fun social environment. Two teams in each age division vied for gold and silver medals as well as team sportsmanship awards. Champions and runners-up were determined by total team scores, which were accumulated via round-robin doubles matches. BCTA coaches and volunteers were on hand to guide players and matches, and several parents helped with scorekeeping.  Simultaneously, athletes from BCTA teen/adult programs and advanced team tennis training programs competed in Team-Meet-Up Challenge and Team Tournament events, respectively.


The afternoon began with perfect tennis weather with the teen/adult competitors in the Green/Yellow-Ball Team-Up Tournament Challenge playing round-robin matches to earn individual points in determining gold and silver medals and bronze awards. Jared Freddo earned the most points for the gold medal, while Samai Kolandaivelu came in at a close second for the silver with an only one game difference in the cumulative scores of 22 and 21.


During the same time as the Green/Yellow-Ball competition, the Red-Ball players competed on two teams, each earning individual points for his or her respective team. Before beginning their matches, the Red-Ball participants warmed up and voted on a name and prepared a cheer for their respective team. Then the Team Tennis Challenge began! Fans enjoyed great rallies on the 36-foot courts and cheered during the “Team Singles” bonus round. The Fighting Caterpillars lead the Tennis Aces at the end of doubles play. Tennis Aces won the Team Singles “Bonus Round,” but its efforts were still not enough as the Fighting Caterpillars garnered gold medals and the Tennis Aces the silver by the narrow score of 261–260.



Stephanie DiNardo, Jared Freddo, Samai Kolandaivelu, Suzan Kramer, Victorian Mahmoud, Vincent Picerno, Maggie Rogers, Chuck Smith, and Dan Ward.




Gold medal: Jared Freddo

Silver medal: Samai Kolandaivelu



Northern/Central Bucks (Fighting Caterpillars)

Ryan Caputo, Thomas Caputo, Violet Friemann, Finola Gallagher, Ethan Gourley, Aayush Patel, Arush Singh, Nathan Wong.


Southern Bucks (Tennis Aces)

Katherine Bitting, Bruce Marcucci, Vaughn McCann, Gage Prate, Logan Schutsky, Oliver Todt, Declan Veitz.



Gold medal: Fighting Caterpillars

Silver medal: Tennis Aces


Later in the day, under overcast skies and spotty rain, the Orange-Ball Team Challenge participants took to the courts with great enthusiasm and sportsmanship. Similar to Red Ball, after several rounds of competitive doubles play the Tennis Tigers lead the Champions, but the Champions came “roaring” back to win the Team Singles “Bonus Round,” but still fell shy of toppling the Tennis Tigers with the Tigers earning the gold medal with 250 points over the silver medal Champions at 239 points. 



Northern/Central Bucks (Tigers)

Keira Calista, Jay Hundiwala, Ryan Friemann, Zachary Kramer, Colin Moore, Devam Patel, Mackenzie Riley, Xavier Robayo, Jake Schutsky, Connor Sims, Mason Walter.


Southern Bucks (Champions)

Andrew Daley, Lily Esmay, Lleyton Jones, Quinn Jones,  Gamira Kobewatte, Kate Marsden, Lauren Mawson, Rishi Patel, Melina Petrakopoulos, Anya Priyolkar, Annalise Resta, Sadie Wiley.



Gold medal: Tigers

Silver medal: Champions


Meanwhile, over at Northampton Tennis & Fitness the Purple Alligators (captained by Connor Gallagher) garnered the gold medal with cumulative game scores of  47–36 over the silver medalists team, the Pumpkins (captained by Brianna Wilkinson).



Amaris Alfonseca, Mereck Epperson, Sandeep Cerlakola, Gwyneth Fedus, Nilesh Lakshmana, Krish Patel, Aiden Paternoster, Tu Nhi Penrose, Owen Pray, Ava Sieg, Ronald Tsai, Brianna Wilkinson, Emily Wilkinson


Gold medalists:

Purple Alligators Team

Amaris Alfonseca

Sandeep Cerlakola

Gwyneth Fedus

Connor Gallagher

Aiden Paternoster

Tu Nhi Penrose


Silver medalists:

Pumpkins Team

Mereck Epperson

Nilesh Lakshmana

Owen Pray

Ronald Tsai

Ava Sieg

Brianna Wilkinson

Emily Wilkinson


Many thanks to the parent volunteers who helped keep score and to the BCTA coaches and volunteers who assisted players with round-robin scoring and with coaching. Thanks also to Bucks County Parks and Recreation and Northampton Tennis & Fitness for opening their facilities to the athletes, and to USTA Middle States for providing the Sportsmanship prizes, and particularly Evan Schreiner, who not only delivered the prizes by stayed to assist with the event. Plus, much appreciation to Uncle Dave’s at Shady Brook Farms, which offered a discount TO Medalist.  Of course, thanks also goes to all the fans who were on-site cheering their favorite players.